The text amendments regulating the storage of collector vehicles in Natrona County past with little restriction on size and a promise of fees temporarily waived.

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A big victory for the collector vehicle community, that's how County Commissioner, Rob Hendry, described an additional amendment passed essentially lifting any restrictions on vehicle size or type.

The full text amendment to Natrona County's collector vehicle regulations passed unanimously Tuesday night, but not before hearing heated objections. Property owners spoke strongly against a 1.5 ton restriction that, by end of meeting, was removed. The term 'vehicle' replaces 'car' in the document.

The amended regulations create a Conditional Use Permit for collector vehicles with a formula based on acreage and zoning.

County Attorney, Bill Knight,  indicated that a number of property owners would qualify for a grandfathering exemption. Some commenting felt the grandfather clause was unclear.

The new regulations also call for screening, clean up around vehicles, and offers clarifying definitions.

Commissioners and property owners agree that further tweaking of the regulations will likely be called for.

To those in opposition, commissioners reminded that the current code, in place since the early 70s, allowed for no collector vehicles what-so-ever, adding  that the document may not be perfect, but it's a step forward in support of collector vehicle enthusiasts in the county.