The Natrona County Alcohol Task Force has come up with a new phone number, to make it easier for those who have had too much to drink and need a ride home.

The new number is 266-SAFE (266-7233).

Instead of calling the taxi companies directly for a ride home, bars in Natrona County or their patrons, can call 266-SAFE, and an answering service will contact the taxi companies, on a rotational basis.

Detective John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department says since the Safe Ride program was created in 2009, the number of rides given has decreased, but DUI numbers during that time have remained about the same.

"It means a lot of people are getting rides evidently in other ways to get home, which is good, but yes we'd like to see the Safe Rides go back up to where they were, because that would be that many less DUI's that are out there. It's all donation based, it is nothing that costs the public, it's donations to the Natrona County Alcohol Task Force."

Detective Hatcher says those who need a ride home, still need to get a voucher from their drinking establishment.