The final section of the Wyoming Veteran's Memorial Park in Cody is about to be built. The section, called the Freedom Memorial will be dedicated to Wyoming vets who've died in service since the Vietnam war. Unfortunately a comprehensive list of those Wyoming veterans does not exist.

"We need to gather the names of the people who died in the service, whether it was combat, illness,  accident or other cause. If they were serving at the time we want to individually memorialize them on this last big memorial that we're putting into the state of Wyoming Veteran Memorial Park in Cody."

Retired Special Force Officer and Wyoming native, Buck Wilkerson, says they're looking for names of those who've died anytime after the Vietnam war. The is new monument at the Memorial Park in Cody. and will feature separate sections representing major conflicts since Vietnam. The Freedom Memorial is scheduled for dedication coming this September 10th.

Wilkerson says private donors have given generously to support the Memorial Park, along with the Wyoming legislature that appropriated $250,000 to complete it.

To report a name contact the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum in Casper.

Reach the museum by calling 307-472-1857 or email the museum director, John Goss at

For more information on Wyoming Veterans Memorial park in Cody contact Buck Wilkerson at 307 272 0098