This Saturday the Casper Municipal Golf Course invites the public to an open house and discussion at the Caddie Shack Restaurant. Golf Course managers are looking for input from users on proposed changes and other ideas for improving the city owned golf course.

"It's definitely an opportunity for the golfers in Casper to come together and give their input and feed back; how they feel the Casper Municipal Golf Course is doing, ideas they may have about increasing revenue and the number of rounds played on the course."

Anna Wyttenback, for the city of Casper Leisure Services, says the meeting happens 11am to 1pm this Saturday, December 15th.

Ideas collected that day will be reviewed and brought to the City of Casper for consideration.

If you're interested and can't make the meeting, you can share your ideas via email at

For further information regarding the meeting call 307-266-6192 or log onto www.casperwy.