A Las Vegas man admits he stole a camper.
Fifty-one year old Michael Neely has pleaded guilty to one charge of larceny.

According to Casper police, in May, Neely along with his accomplice Donnie Neice, used a pick-up truck to steal the trailer from the twelve-hundred block of Hawthorne Street.

The owner of the trailer saw it being pulled away, and called law enforcement who eventually caught up to Neely and Neice.

Investigators say initially, both of them gave officers false names and identification, and had only been in Casper for a few weeks, working at a ranch outside of the city.

The idea was to steal the camper  for Neice, so that he and his girlfriend could live in it at the ranch.

As for Neice, officers found out that he was wanted out of Las Vegas for attempted homicide.

Neely is being held on three-thousand dollars bond, and will be sentenced at a later date.