Wyoming's 32nd governor shared his thoughts and prayers for the victims of the mass shooting in Tucson last weekend as he opened his first state of the state address Wednesday.

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In the new governor's state of the state,  Matt  Mead called on Wyoming lawmakers to make a long-term commitment to funding local governments and state highways, but he noted his proposal faces resistance.

"Now I recognize that there's serious disagreement about this proposal and maybe thats understating it. (laughter) I'm assuming your laughter is to mean nothing."

Mead wants to earmark some of the state's mineral revenue directly to cities, towns and counties, highways and the state's rainy day fund over the next seven years with a preference to making it permanent.

"Specifically I support diverting one half, one half of one percent of the statutory severance tax on minerals and splitting it into thirds.  One third to local governments,  one third to highways,  and one third to the states rainy day fund.  This is money that will not only be used to invest in infrastructure, not only to invest in our localities, but also to invest in savings."

He indicates his proposal would give about $52 million a year to each group and to the rainy day fund.

Mead also says Wyoming needs to diversify its economic base.  Towards that, he supports spending $14.5 million in state funds to try to recruit computer data centers that would offer new jobs.

Improved Connectivity would support that recruitment effort.

Live video broadcast of the governors speech Wednesday along with his inaugural address last week is evidence of Mead's commitment to improved connectivity along with a desire to provide access and transparency to government.