Natrona County Public Library is offering a workshop this Saturday morning to help people better handle the summer heat. Library Community Relations Coordinator Brenda Thomson says this is an informational workshop about healthy living.

Healthy living workshop:

"Want to learn how to cool down is ways that aren't going to be toxic to our bodies, ways to herbs and fruit and various other things to cool down in the summer, to keep from getting sunburns or to recover from sunburns, it's just going to be a great workshop that kind of walks you through during the summer when you need to be cool."

Ms. Thomson said the "Cool Off Naturally" workshop is free and open to the public, and no registration is required.

Who, when, where:

"Naturopathic doctor here in town, Janet DeVoogd, is doing the workshop. It's going to be Saturday, June 18th; it starts at 10:30 am in our Crawford Room."