Renewal of a conservation tax incentive will help Wyoming's land owners and open spaces.

According to the Wyoming Land Trust, Wyoming families got more good news in Congress’ recently approved tax package that includes an important renewal of a land conservation tax incentive that had expired in 2009.

“We are very excited about this news. The renewal of this critical conservation tax incentive will allow the Wyoming Land Trust, as well as other land trusts in Wyoming, to continue working with interested landowners around our state to conserve Wyoming’s natural and agricultural resources.”

Jordan Vana, is the Wyoming Land Trust's Director of Conservation, and goes on to say that, the renewal means that Wyoming landowners now have until December thirty-first of the upcoming year to take advantage of a significant tax deduction for donating a voluntary conservation agreement to permanently protect important natural or historic resources on their land.

"This is an important incentive for land owners across Wyoming, in general,and land owners in the Casper area in particular. Conservation easements have become an important tool in Wyoming for conserving our open space, our agricultural heritage, our wildlife habitat, and some of the other things that make Wyoming so special."

When landowners donate a conservation easement, they maintain ownership and management of their land and can sell or pass the land on to their heirs, while foregoing future development rights.