The target of what Wyoming State Prosecutors are calling an attempted murder situation in June 2014, took to the stand in court, to testify against her attacker and husband.

Julie Webb said on the day of the incident, she first saw Clint Webb, while driving through the intersection of Second and Walsh Streets in Casper.

A short time later, the two spotted each other again, at the intersection of 12th and Payne Streets, and according to Julie, that's when Clint "gunned it" and rammed his vehicle into hers.

She said the meeting at that intersection was not by chance, because she was heading home, which was a few blocks away.

Julie added that she had a protection order and that the two had attended counseling before, to try to save their marriage.

She also wanted Clint to get anger management.

Julie also said that a few days after the incident, she was texting Clint to degrade him for what he did, and to get him to turn himself in.

Prosecutors showed various text messages exchanged between the two, and some of Clint's responses were "I died when you filed for divorce. You already killed me." and "You are going to burn in hell for what you've done (in reference to Julie filing for divorce)."

Several residents who lived close to the scene also have testified what they observed, although no one claimed to have seen the initial contact between the two vehicles.

In cross-examination, the defense has been questioning how the police handled the investigation, saying officers didn't interview everyone that may have had information.

Some neighbors didn't talk to police until a few days after the incident, and the defense questioned whether some people had their recollection of events tainted, after reading initial media reports from the day of the collision.

Clint Webb's attempted murder trial is anticipated to run through Thursday.