A Natrona County man serving time at the C.A.C. is facing charges after stealing his room-mate's car and then later crashing it.

Twenty-one-year old John Sims has been charged with grand larceny, possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, and having no insurance after being involved in a crash in Casper.

According to police, on Monday night, officers were called to a location on Fenway street, where they found a pickup truck had collided with a tree.

Officers say Sims claimed he lost control of the vehicle after driving over a patch of ice.

Police say they found a marijuana pipe that had recently been used in Sims' possession.

After he was arrested, investigators say Sims told officers he had borrowed the truck from his roommate at the C.A.C., but when contacted by police, the roommate said he did not give Sims permission to borrow the truck and that Sims probably stole the keys.

Sims is currently in jail on $7,500 bond, and is awaiting arraignment.