Trial continued on Tuesday, December 16th in the John Knospler Junior murder trial, as prosecutors tried to establish Knospler's behavior before the shooting took place.

Prosecutors played back security video from 3 cameras with no audio, within Rack's Gentlemen's Club, showing Knospler entering and exiting a number of times, and left for the last time at about 10:15pm on October 3rd, 2013.

The victim, James Baldwin, left about two hours later and cameras showed a bouncer, a bartender and others, looking through the door outside at the time Baldwin was fatally shot, but there's no actual video of the shooting itself.

Former club owner Sonny Pilcher testified that not long after the club opened for business that evening, he saw Knospler in the parking lot with his shirt off and looking up towards the sky, while it was raining.

Pilcher said he thought Knospler might try to rob the place, but then later he and a bartender, said they both saw Knospler in the club and it looked like he was mumbling to himself and that made the bartender uncomfortable.

The bartender said at the time Baldwin collapsed when he was shot, she looked through the exit door, and saw him fall and it looked like he tried to catch himself, but failed.

On cross examination, the defense questioned how sure Pilcher was at identifying Knospler in the earlier parking lot incident, and how good was the bartender's view of Baldwin in the parking lot, because there was another vehicle partially obstructing her view and it was snowing outside at the time.

The bouncer has not yet been called to testify.