The case involving a Casper man charged in federal court with trying to rob a bank, is moving forward.

Jack Taber has waived his preliminary hearing, in a case in which he is charged with one count of attempted bank robbery.

FBI agents say at around 4pm on Wednesday, March 26th, Taber entered the Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of First and Durbin Street, told one teller that he was robbing her, and was watching her, and did not want to hurt her.

He told the teller not to push any alarms and to put the money into a bag.

The teller then told Taber that she did not have a bag and would have to get one from the back room.

Once she got to back room, she alerted another employee who called police.

Taber left without any money, and was spotted a few hours later and was taken into custody.

When questioned, he admitted that he was in the bank, and didn’t know why he did it.

A judge ordered that Taber be held in detention until his hearing, because he has nine prior felony convictions.

He could face up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted.