Richard Horton unzipped his pants in Kmart on Christmas Eve, stuffed something inside, and sparked a long-winded if somewhat inebriated chase, a chair-throwing fight and his eventual capture, according to court records.

Observant Kmart shopper Robert Rieckenberg saw the offense, followed Horton out the store's front door and yelled for someone to call the police, according to an affidavit filed with Natrona County Circuit Court.

Another Kmart shopper also confronted Horton, but backed off when Horton threatened to hit him.

Rieckenberg ran after Horton across the vast parking lot on the north side of East Second Street, and followed him across the street to Pizza Hut when the pepperoni really began to fly.

"Horton threw chairs inside the lobby and punched Reickenberg three times in the face. Rieckenberg stated he was only trying to keep Horton there until police (arrived). Horton was able to get around Rieckenberg and run out of Pizza Hut. Rieckenberg stated he wanted to pursue charges for the assault," according to the affidavit.

Police arrived and saw that Horton ran across East Second Street again, this time toward Natural Grocery. An officer took Horton into custody and noticed his pants were still unzipped and he smelled of alcohol.

Horton was charged with public intoxication, disturbing the peace, and assault and battery.

The affidavit did not identify what the item was that Horton allegedly took.