Those visiting the State Veterans Cemetery in Evansville for Veterans Day, noticed some work was underway to improve the area.

Earlier this year, the Wyoming Legislature appropriated $2,000,000 for various projects at the cemetery.

The projects include raising all headstones to prevent sinking, increased parking, improved roadways, an information kiosk and a new entrance gate.

Wyoming Adjutant General, Major General Luke Reiner, says some projects are being done in a way, that they won't have to be done again.

"Over time you need to maintain a cemetery, and so that's what been done. for example, the headstones...what we found in the stand this year, is that they were sinking over time and so now, we've pulled them all up, we put in a special material so that they won't sink again, and then put them back into place, just to make them look right."

The US Department Of Veterans Affairs also provided a $1,000,000 grant to help fund some of the projects.

Work is scheduled to be completed sometime next year.