WOW! Facebook has been buzzing the past couple of days with the topic "If you grew up in (insert city here)" and with so many Casper friends, the Casper folks have been taking me and others down a veritable Memory Lane. Here is a sampling in no particular order of some of the responses. It's funny , you can tell a persons age by what they remember. Any of these strike a chord?

  • 15

    Slippery Seal Slide on CY Ave

  • 14

    Shakey's Pizza

  • 13

    Cruising CY Avenue

  • 12

    Gibson's Department Store where Smith's Grocery is

  • 11

    Coast to Coast and Grethe's

  • 10

    Husky Truck Stop

  • 9

    Ice Skating in the barn at the fairgrounds

  • 8

    Rex's In-and-Out

  • 7

    JC Penneys downtown where the Atrium Plaza is

  • 6

    Concerts at JFlag Arena and at the Industrial Building

  • 5

    Seven Knights Restaraunt

  • 4

    Taco Bell at 2nd and Beverly

  • 3

    When NCHS had a Smokers Alley

  • 2

    Red Barn

  • 1

    Town and Country Grocery at the only "mall" Sunrise shopping Center