Frederick Winters will return to Casper College on Friday. The comedy hypnotist has won awards for his entertaining and educational act, including Campus Entertainer of the Year.

Mesmerizing Casper College audiences for years:

"Frederick Winters is a hypnotist that has been coming to Casper College for the last sixteen ... I think this is his sixteenth appearance that he's going to be here. He comes to us from the Chicago area. He's very well known in the campus activities community and he's just a wonderful person to work with."

Barb Meryhew, director of student life at Casper College, says she has seen many of his shows and it's true family entertainment. And, there's no fee for admission.

Appearance already paid for:

"There is no charge. Our students pay fees and so that's how our Student Activities Board is able to bring most of our entertainment here is through that. And only thing is he does offer CDs, various ones, sports enhancement to weight loss and different things like that, and I believe if I'm not mistaken, and they usually sell for 10 dollars, and so if someone wanted to buy one of those after the show, they would be more than welcome to."

Frederick Winters will perform at Casper College on Friday, at 8 pm in Robert Commons Ballroom, located in the Robert Commons Cafeteria.