Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau recommended Friday that the committee investigating actions of Schools Superintendent Cindy Hill's office delay its probe and report until after the Wyoming Legislature's 2014 budget session, which starts Feb. 10.

Lubnau made the suggestion in an email to the select committee released to the media. In the email Rep. Lubnau said:

I have been asked to slow the committee process down, and to make sure we issue a quality report, which also takes into consideration the A133 audit, the timeline of which is out of our control.

We held a conference call with those subcommittee chairs who could attend the phone conference, counsel and LSO this afternoon.  After that conference, it became apparent that it was going to be very difficult to issue a quality report from the select investigative committee before the session begins.  We received an 1100 page transcript, yesterday.   We have over a million pages of information, plus the MacPherson report to sort through.   I sense from the committee that you all want this matter done.   Several witnesses were proposed, and less than a majority wanted to speak to the volume of the witnesses, but 5 of the committee wanted to hear John Masters testify.