The Wyoming House has passed a bill that will allow silencers on guns used for hunting in the state.The House amended the bill earlier this week to specify that silencers could be used for hunting predators and small game but not for big-game species such as elk and deer. that amendment was removed on third reading through and amendment from House Speaker Representative Tom Lubnau. He says just because the bill passed, that doesn't mean everyone is going to be able to get a suppressor.

To get a suppressor, these aren't going to be common things...

That bill now heads to Governor Matt Mead for his consideration.

The House failed to concur with Senate changes to a bill that would boost contributions to Wyoming's State Pension Plan.The full Senate on Tuesday passed a bill requiring employees and the state to each pay 0.5 percent more into the fund over the next two years.Earlier this session, the House passed the original version of House Bill 250, which required that the state cover the 1 percent increase on its own. The bill will now go to a conference committee to try and work out the differences.

A bill that would raise the state's gas tax by 10 cents per gallon passed second reading in the Senate.Third and final reading is set for tomorrow.

Conferees from the house and senate have reached a compromise on the supplemental budget bill.Senator Eli Bebout co-chairman of the Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) says the house and senate bills weren't that far apart on money.

You know the house wanted to spend more money and the senate didn't so that was a compromise....

JAC co-chairman, Representative Steve Harshman said both sides gave a little.

 I think the biggest changes, the biggest compromise wasn't the money but on policy and issues....

A concurrence vote on the conference committee report on the budget is scheduled for Friday.

Legislative leaders took time this week to talk about some of the accomplishments of the session so far. House Majority Whip, Representative Tim Stubson says lawmakers advanced several bills that he believes will spur economic development in the state. Especially when it comes to natural gas.

We have created a series of incentives for the private market to construct natural gas facilities around the state, and we've attacked it on the demand end....

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