The report of the Legislative Investigation Committee into the tenure of Cindy Hill at the Department of Education is out and is very critical.

It simply says that her actions merit removal from office, but it does not recommend any move toward impeachment.

Now Hill has issued her response...

"Here are my comments on the final report:

A “rebuke” means that they are conceding that I did nothing wrong. It’s that simple.

Now that they are giving up, I want to know when I will be getting my formal apology. Honorable people would apologize to me and to the people of Wyoming for this costly and disgraceful episode. In politics, things like this are done on the assumption that the person who is the political target will give up before they have to prove up their baseless allegations. I didn’t, and now they have folded. The lesson is that one must stay steady and focused so that the bullies don’t get their way. That should be a lesson to our children as well.

I call this “the $1.3 million smear campaign.” The $1.3 million smear campaign done using state resources for political ends. The current governor’s staff was involved in trying to gin up allegations.

The current governor and certain legislators have wanted, and still want, to turn our educational system over to the federal government. I am very proud to say that I blocked those efforts. Had they been successful in pushing me out of the way, we would have a federally run educational system by now. As long as I am here, that is not going to happen."