Sometimes road conditions might not be bad enough to force a road closure, but they're not good enough to let anyone pass either.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol and Wyoming Department of Transportation crews will at times enact the chain law, particularly in areas with steep terrain.

When the law is in effect, only those vehicles with tire chains, or adequate tires will be allowed to enter a particular area of road.

Bruce Burrows with WYDOT says it's not often the law is used, but when it is in effect, patrol troopers will be on the look-out for violators.

"Our patrol troopers are being a little more assertive now about it. It's because we don't want to get into a situation where a truck bogs down or worse, actually jack-knifes or something like that."

Penalties for violating the chain law is a $250 fine, and up to $750 for a violation that results in a road closure.