The Yellowstone Ecosystem Subcommittee on Grizzly Bear Management meets this week in Teton Village near Jackson. The subcommittee is a part of the larger Interagency Grizzly Bear Team.

During the meeting this Wednesday and Thursday wildlife officials will look at, amongst other issues, methods for counting the bear population as it moves toward recovery.

"Technically the bear is still listed on the endangered species act and we are working to see that it gets off the list."

Gregg Losinski, with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game says as bear numbers near recovery accurate counts become more important, as does public education. Losinski says improving public education on living and recreating in bear country is now more important than ever.

The Interagency teams are charged with recovery of the grizzly in the Yellowstone ecosystem and are made up of federal, state, tribal, and county management partners.

The public is invited to attend the meetings taking place at Hotel Terra, in Teton Village, April 18th and 19th.