Grant monies are available in Wyoming to support ideas that would help farmers and ranchers adapt to drought.

It's a USDA grant program and the ideas they're looking for would lead to improvements such as enhanced water-holding capacity in soils or drought-tolerant grazing systems.

Cheryl Grapes, with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, here in Wyoming says it's chance to showcase and demonstrate ideas.

"I'd like to think that farmers and ranchers as well as national resource professionals are problem solvers and so there's probably already all kinds of great ideas out there to help producers who are impacted by drought."

Grant applications are due Oct. 15, 2012.

Private individuals, Tribes, local and state governments and non-governmental organizations can apply.

Funds will be awarded through a competitive grants process for projects lasting for one to three years. Apply electronically at< or contact the NRCS National CIG office at (703) 235-8065.