In April 2007, 20 year old college student Sierra Krizman was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. It took her life in less than 36 hours.

After hearing this story last fall, the students at Roosevelt High School were promted to draft a bill that would make it mandatory for all 7th graders to be vaccinated for meningitis for presentation to the Wyoming Legislature. Even though the bill was defeated the students were not. They decided to follow up on this project by participating in "Sierra's Race" a 5k run/walk in Sierra Kinzman's hometown of Loveland,Co. They are doing this for 3 reasons. To raise awareness, to provide money for those unable to afford the vaccination and to provide scholarships for those wanting to attend college. The students are soliciting donations as they would like to take a BIG check with them to the race. History teachers Susan Griffith and Shelly Nichol as well as student Sierra Sterling joined us thursday to talk about the project and the race.

To make a donation call Roosevelt at 307-253-1400

to find out more about Sierras Race click here