Joshua's Storehouse is able to give out a lot of wild game from its pantry shelves thanks to the generosity of hunters. Jay Martin, Joshua's Storehouse CEO, is hoping that generosity continues.

"And God bless em. If it wasn't for those folks we'd be hard pressed to get meat into peoples hands. So the hunters go out and they harvest their animal and take it to a meat processor and they process it. The meat processor will give them a tax receipt for the meat if they donate it to Joshua's Storehouse."

Martin says they prefer ground meat, because it's so versatile. He says one thing they can't accept is any meats that are home processed, "but if its processed or sealed from the company it will say "Not For Resale" and it will tell us what's in it, for example, Antelope meat. Sometimes the processors put their name on it, because it's good advertising for the processors too."

Martin adds that Joshua's  continues to serve more and more new people every month.

"We're up over a 1000 people since we started keeping records, a thousand new people that have never here-to-fore been in here.  So the demand is growing and our coffers are diminishing, but were still gonna do what we can do to keep this up so that people can have food."