With the official start of summer this Friday, both regional and national petroleum analysts are beginning to crunch numbers in advance of the busiest portion of the summer driving season.

Gregg Laskoski is with GasBuddy.com. He says, nationally, gas prices shouldn't be too volatile this summer.

"Barring any unforeseen events, especially weather-wise as we get into the hurricane season, we could see numbers very close to where we were just a year ago."

Though oil is trading higher, Laskoski says US crude oil prices should remain somewhat stable.

"The national average at $3.61 is eight cents higher right now than where we stood a year ago," Laskoski said. "But, I think, when you compare supply - the available crude oil we're getting now from Canada, North Dakota and west Texas - it appears that we have better options from a supply perspective."

Wyoming gas prices will increase next month regardless of market forces. Gov. Matt Mead signed a bill in February that will increase the state’s fuel tax by a dime a gallon starting July 1.

The increased fuel tax is expected to raise $70 million a year for state and local road projects.