Proposed restrictions on the open carry of deadly weapons into city of Casper meetings passed on second reading by a 5 to 4 vote Tuesday evening.

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They were three boyscouts working toward a merit badge at the November 1st Casper City Council Meeting. The first reading of the Proposed restrictions on the open carry of deadly weapons into city meetings was on the agenda that night. Following that meeting, Casper City Councilman Paul Meyer, in explaining his reasons for supporting the changes on second reading Tuesday, said one of the boyscouts told him afterward he didn't want to go any more city council meetings.

"The following Wednesday I caught up to the young man and he said he would never come to another Casper City Council meeting, because there were angry people with guns."

Meyer says that comment solidified his position.

At Tuesday's second reading, 3 individuals from the community spoke in support and one in opposition.

Councilmember Kate Sarosy has supported the amendment from the start. "I have had more comments in my seven years on council on this issue, unsolicited comments from the public is support of this ordinance then on any other issue. We're simply restricting open carry in the chamber. Just like it is in the courthouse and other places. So I dont see the big concern about second amendment rights."

Interpretation of the second amendment remains at the crux of the conversation. Legal consistency is also at center.

Councilman, Maurey Daubin, voted in opposition and sited in his closing comments a lack of urgency behind his stance.

"I'm not against the law being uniform, but I do believe the legislature needs to do that. Whether they do it at the next session, which is less likely than if they would at a regular general session, I can't say. But I'm willing to wait that time, because a hundred years does not speak of urgency to me."

The third and final reading of the ordinance change takes place December 20th.

Any one interested in commenting at that final reading will need to contact the city and let them know by noon on the 19th.