As river levels approach flood stage in Natrona County Health Department officials remind everyone there are some really good reasons to stay out of the flood waters.

"Flood waters are dirty. You see the videos on the news after a flood and there's always mud and slime every where. It's full of all kinds of nasty things that you don't want to be involved with."

Natrona County Health Department Director Robert Harrington says, keep in mind that up river from Casper are a number of residence built close enough to the river that, should they flood, it will likely include the septic system.

"So there will be human sewage in those flood waters and in addition to that there will be a variety of chemicals that have washed in from places that they normally don't. So if you can possibly avoid flood waters stay out of them."

He says, as part of Natrona County's preparations they'll be providing vaccinations to first responders who have no choice.

"Fire, police, emergency personal who have no choice. Who have to go in to those flood waters. So we'll be providing emergency vaccinations to them."

The other oft-repeated warning, he says, remains important, and that's to remember; if you see water on the road don't drive through it.