If you want to catch walleye head to Alcova and for trout its Pathfinder.  That's the word from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as the ice thickens and fishermen head out.

Robin Kepple, at the G&F Casper Field Office,  says they're encouraging anglers to try Alcova for Walleye.

"The proportion of trophy fish in Alcova is much higher than any other walleye water in the state. In fact, 20 percent of the fish in Alcova are 25 inches or longer.  These are some nice big walleye.

Kepple says Glendo isnt bad for Walleye either and Perch are averaging about 7 inches. She says Channel Cat Fish numbers are down, but the ones that are there are big.

" If your looking for trout Pathfinder is the best place to go where rainbows are averaging about 18 inches in Pathfinder and there are plenty of fish over 20 inches."

Be Safe On The Ice

Anglers are encouraged to be safe as they head on to the ice.  Conditions change daily.  Kepple says if there's any question as to safety, don't go on the ice.

"You want at least 4 inches of clear ice.  If its cloudy, kind of white, this probably means its been frozen then thawed and then frozen again and it may not be stable.  If you have ice that's cloudy you want to double the recommended thickness - so you want at least 8 inches."

Kepple  says don't venture out on the ice alone and she reminds that hypothermia is the biggest killer of out door recreationists.