A man is arrested for assault and drunk driving after leaving Sidelines Sports Bar.

At about two-thirty Saturday Morning, multiple Casper Police officers responded to Sidelines Sports Bar for a report of a fight.

An unknown male advised police that one of the individuals involved in the fight was leaving the scene in a white Dodge Charger.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jamar Culver, was pulled over less than a block away from the bar and, according to affidavit, stated that he had traded places with his girlfriend who was driving so that she wouldn't get a DUI.

Upon further investigation and witness testimony, in the bar's parking lot, Culver reportedly asked another bar patron, Corey Russell, for help with carrying his intoxicated girlfriend to the car.

For reasons unknown to the victim, upon reaching the car, Culver allegedly punched Russell in the face and then left in the vehicle.

With fresh blood on his face, Russell stated to police that he had never met Culver or his girlfriend before and wished to press charges.

After refusing to consent for a breath test and field sobriety tests, Culver was arrested and transported to the Natrona County Detention Center with assault and DUI charges.