A new compressed natural gas fueling station opened for the public in Riverton Monday. The opening gives Encana Corporation a chance to promote their product as a viable alternative for motor vehicle use.

Vice President of Encana's Natural Gas Economy Operations, David Hill, points to a competitive price. A gallon equivalent of natural gas will sell in Riverton for $1.96. "So we'll be about a 40 percent savings right out of the gate compare to gasoline. Elsewhere in Wyoming we see Cheyenne is at $1.51 a gallon and in Rock Springs were seeing about $1.25 a gallon."

Encana's C-N-G station in Riverton, the third in the state that will now be open to the public, has been fueling their bi-fuel fleet since April. He says in addition to a lower cost per gallon, they believe natural gas is a cleaner choice.

"Natural gas is cleaner from the sense of CO2, particulate matters, VOC's, which are ozone forming criteria pollutants and, over all, its a domestic fuel so its good for the country as well."

He says reports back from users are of good power and performance.

Now they'd like to see the market expand and the big three automakers offer either dedicated or flex fuel vehicles for consumer use.

"Today you can buy a Honda Civic that's a natural gas vehicle. Its been marketed for the last eight years and that is a dedicated natural gas vehicle and the tank size is eight gallons. There's been a recent announcement by GM, which we're very excited about, that in 2012 they will actually offer a bi-fuel pickup truck that will help us meet our needs in the field for our operations."

Encana's two-hose CNG station is located at The Pit Stop Center, 819 South Federal Blvd, in Riverton.