Consultants working on a traffic study for the Blackmore Road area on Casper's east side gave an update to city council Tuesday. The firm, Fehr and Peers, transportation consultants out of California, held a public meeting last month at Eastridge Mall where they gathered input on the process of applying traffic calming ideas for existing roads and planning for future traffic flow as the area continues to grow.

Councilman, Paul Bertoglio, says the intersection of Blackmore and Donegal has been the focal point. "It use to be the main north exit for all of Eastgate. Now you've got so much traffic coming from all the new commercial and retail development, apartments. It's a real challenge sometimes to get out on to Blackmore."

Smoother flow is a goal. Bertoglio says he doesn't envision more lights. He suggests they'll be looking at ways to spread traffic out and to plan ahead to avoid pressure spots in the future.

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