After months of trying Glenrock's Deer Creek Museum is moving up in a competition for grant money from Pepsi Cola through its Pepsi Refresh project.

The Deer Creek Museum is asking for a much needed $50,000 dollars.  Trish Popovich, Museum Curator, says they need votes to make it happen.

"We applied for it for about six months and we finally got chosen in December to be on the January circuit.  What it is is there are several categories, we're in the Arts and Culture category for $50,000 and we need to get into the top 10 to receive the money and you get into the top 10 by being voted for by the public."

Popovich says a lot of people know of the museum, but have never been there and she thinks lack of funding- they run on $5,000 dollars a year-is part of the problem. She says promotional materials would be part of what they'd do with the money,  but more importantly that $50,000 would help pay for an overhaul of the museum.  She points out that its a national competition which means the little town of Glenrock is up against projects from big states with lots of people to vote for them.  Popovich says they've been advancing nevertheless.

"My thing is, ya know, we're a small Wyoming community with a small Wyoming museum, but that doesn't  mean that we can not compete against larger states with larger populations and huge museums."

She says you can vote  for the  museums bid  every day  through the rest of January.

To vote  follow  this link to the Pepsi refresh competition