An Evansville man is accused of collecting unemployment benefits when he was working.

Daniel Reedy has pleaded not guilty to one charge of obtaining benefits by fraud.

Investigators with the State of Wyoming Special Investigations Unit say in July 2011, Reedy had been laid off of his job and starting collecting unemployment benefits.

An audit by the Division later showed that from August 2011 through March of 2012, Reedy had a job, but also collected $14,600 plus from the Division, during that time (now $18,650 plus including penalties).

The Division attempted to contact Reedy numerous times regarding the discrepancy, but was unsuccessful.

Eventually the case was turned over to the SIU who found Reedy, and when questioned, he admitted to what he did, saying he was in the middle of a bankruptcy and he was trying to pay off his debts.

Reedy is free on $2,000 bond awaiting trial, and he could face up to five years in prison if convicted.