A Casper credit union was robbed yesterday morning with the suspect still at large.

Shortly after opening its doors for business on Thursday, the River-Rail Community Federal Credit Union located at 555 South Wolcott was robbed.

"Description of the subject is, a white male in his twenties with brown hair medium length, about six feet tall, slender build, weighing approximately one hundred and sixty pounds. Suspect was wearing a black knit stocking cap, sunglasses, and a black casual dress coat. There was an undisclosed amount of cash taken from the scene as the suspect left on foot out of the door and went east-bound from the location."

Sergeant Steve Schulz said there where no injuries but declined to say whether or not there was a weapon involved. As of Friday afternoon, the suspect is still at large.

"The Casper Police Department is asking for assistance from anyone having information on the robbery suspect. Please contact the Department at 235-8278 or 577-(TIPS)."