East Casper is poised to grow again in a few years with a proposed subdivision south of Centennial Hills, and the Casper City Council will hold a public hearing about that project at its meeting at City Hall at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The 402, LLC, development company has proposed the Cambridge Addtion to the Centennial Hills planned unit development for single-family residences, according to the meeting agenda.

The approximately 250-acre development originally included this 52-acre area for commercial development, so the planned unit development must be amended to allow the construction of 125 residential lots, according to a Feb. 13 memo from the City's Development Director Liz Becher to City Manager John Patterson. The subdivision also would include open-space tracts, pedestrian trails, parks and utilities,

However, the Cambridge Addition is in an elevated area that cannot be services by existing city water infrastructure. The city could install that water infrastructure in a few years and then the area will be available for development.

The city's Planning and Zoning Commission approved the plat and site plan for the addition in September, with the condition that 402, LLC, will not sell any of the lots until water service has become available, according to Becher's memo.

The city has not received any comments on the proposed subdivision.

Council also will conduct a public hearing to amend language in the Casper Municipal Code to require the majority of persons on the city's Planning and Zoning Commission to approve conditional use permits, and not just the majority of persons present at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to approve those permits.

Among the consent items to be considered are a one-year lease of the half-mile Casper Speedway to the Casper Speedway Association, a contract with the Casper-based Tetro Construction to rebuild the Eagle Drive storm sewer for $86,700 (the lowest of five bids, the acquisition by the Casper Housing Authority of disability housing properties of the defunct Windy City Enterprises, Inc., for $361,000.