Casper's tree canopy will likely spread with the help of a new tree program about to be implemented by the city of Casper. Its a cost share program that looks to encourage citizen involvement in care of trees grown on boulevards and public rights of way.

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Casper Public Services Director Gary Clough  made his successful pitch to city council for a cost-share tree program this week.

"It's a tree share program that  shares the cost of the tree with the property owner. There's an application process and we would have a lottery. Then the city plants the tree, maintains it for the first six months, then turns care over to the property owner."

In turn property owners would be asked to attend a tree care class, ensure the tree is kept free from injury and take on watering after the first six months. Clough says its coming to a critical point with city trees, especially in the big tree areas, with the majority reaching the end of their life. And He also points out that new sub-divisions have only recently required tree planting.

"So there are a lot of areas in town that have no street trees. I think when you look at the aesthetic and the value of houses, we can show that there's  a significant difference between the stability downtown with the trees and the walks as opposed to some of the newer subdivisions that just don't have those features."

Clough says they will also offer the program to residents who live in curb-walk areas that want to offer right of way for a tree on their property.

Cost would be around $125  depending on the type of tree. Clough says applications should be ready very soon for filling out and returning to the city by the 15th of August deadline.