An on-average 17 % rate increase request by Rocky Mountain Power will have at least 17 parties arguing against it.

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The Wyoming Public Service Commission holds hearings in June to consider Rocky Mountain Power's proposal to increase electricity rates. The Office of Consumer Advocates is preparing its arguments against the  increase, and took time with Casper City Council and Natrona County Commissioners to hear their concerns.

"They obviously are very interested in the quality and reliability of service.  I think that's obviously their single biggest issue of concern in this case."

Bryce Freeman, is Administrator for the Office of Consumer Advocates.  He says his office will look at Rocky Mountain Power's investments, administrative costs, and whether the company's market rate of return is fair.  Freeman says the actual hearings by the P-S-C this summer may be lengthy.

"The company itself as pre-filed the testimony of 18 witnesses. They will no doubt bring some rebuttal witnesses as well. We'll have three witnesses.  So there's gonna be a lot of testimony and evidence in the case for the commission to consider."

He says a separate public hearing in Casper set for early June will give customers in the area another chance to have their voices heard.

Rocky Mountain Power officials says the rate increase is needed as they enter a cycle of investing in infrastructure and in renewables.