Spring time often motivates spring cleaning. In doors and outdoors the process usually ends with a collection of stuff ready for the trash.

Casper's Code Enforcement Supervisor, Shelly Leclere reminds folks that as your clearing out junk and yard waste there are some rules to remember.

For example; tree limbs need to be bundled and no longer than five feet and will be picked up on your extra trash day.

Household hazardous waste, like old paint and oil, can be brought to the Special Waste building across the road from the entrance to Casper Solid Waste Facility on North Station Road.

"You get two extra trash days a month and I would have you contact the sanitation department at 235 8246 and they can tell you when that extra trash pick up day is."

And remember your responsible for the alley area of your property. Keep it clean and clear for emergency response and your neighbors.