Monday was the first day for a special court set up by the city of Casper to handle alcohol related offenses. Law enforcement officials are hoping the approach will reduce DUI numbers through streamlined investigations, information sharing and increased supervision of offenders.

"We're just looking for a primary court where we can have consistent enforcement and consistent sentencing for DUI offenders."

Municipal Court Manager, Joshua Bake,  says Municipal Court Judge, Keith Nachbar, will be dedicated solely to the new court. Bake says new sentencing standards will include a non-mandatory minimum three day jail sentence, even for the first offense,

"Now, with this not being mandatory, Judge Nachbar will be able to look at the whole picture, look at the individual, look at the circumstances involved. This isn't a one-size-fits all program that's gonna apply to everyone across the board."

The Alcohol Court will focus on driving under the influence, minors in possession of alcohol, and individuals who furnish alcohol to a minor.