The city of Casper no longer accepts paper job applications, but it does have jobs it would like to fill. City of Casper jobs online:

Nicole Buchholz, with the city's human resources, says there's about 15 jobs with the city.

No more paper applications:

"We recently implemented a new application software tracking program and we use Nioga, so our applicants can go online to fill out their application. We no longer accepting hard-copy applications."

Ms. Buchholz says an advantage of the online system is you can sign up for a Job Interest Alert and the city will notify you if there's an opening that suits your area of interest.

E-mail notification of openings:

"Individuals can go to our website and complete a job interest alert for the city of Casper, and then they select categories that they are interested in, and when a job becomes open in that category, they'll automatically be notified by e-mail that a job has opened that they can go apply for that would fit their qualifications."

And what if you don't have a computer?

Computers available for applicants:

"You can apply at the Workforce Center, and then we also will be getting a kiosk in July for City Hall for applicants to use. And you can also use the public library."

The city's website is