The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is asking for the public's help in updating its Public Participation Plan.

"A very large part of the work we do takes into consideration the public's input on what's needed for transportation projects," said Tom Mason, MPO Director.

Mason says staff have prepared a five minute survey to find out what the public knows about the MPO and what's the best way to get them involved in transportation projects.

"We have a Public Participation Plan, but it is in need of being updated," said Mason. "So we want to make sure that the public has the ability to participate in the transportation planning process and find out what are the best ways and means for the public to participate."

Mason says the MPO is also trying to integrate social media into the way they collect public input.

"Social media is a big deal now," said Mason. "We really want to do as much as we can using social media so we reach every aspect of the community from every age group to every socio-economic level," said Mason.

The survey can be done online at or by picking up a paper copy at one of the following locations:

  • Laramie County Library public bulletin board - 2200 Pioneer Avenue
  • City Clerk’s Office, City Municipal Building - 2101 O’Neil Avenue
  • Laramie County Auto Titles and Licenses Offices - 309 West 20th Street
  • County Planning Office front counter - 3966 Archer Parkway
  • Cheyenne Transit Office - 322 West Lincolnway
  • Cheyenne Senior Center - 2101 Thomes Avenue

All surveys must be completed and submitted by October 19, 2015. For more information call the MPO office at (307) 638-4385.