Good news following a rollover crash Monday morning on Interstate 80 in western Iowa;  all members of the Casper Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps sent to hospital have been released.

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Fred Morris, Trooper Director, says all Troopers and the driver have been treated and released

"There were 39 kids and the driver taken to the hospital all with minor injuries. Everyone has been released. We're currently gathering those kids back up. We were in four hospitals in two states. And actually the State Patrol has rounded up the kids from all of those various hospitals and gotten them to one. It's tremendous. They've fed the kids and everything."

Morris confirmed that the crash was caused by a tire blow out on the charter bus that was taking the Troopers to Indiana.

The blowout, at around 8 a.m. Monday morning near Minden, Iowa, sent the bus over an embankment, on to its side and sliding across an open field. Morris says, amazingly, there were only minor injuries. The driver, who in earlier reports was described as seriously hurt, was actually the first one released. The students, as well, came away with relatively minor injuries.

"The worst case I've heard is one kid has two stitches and another kid has a broken pinky finger."

Morris says the broken pinky belongs to a 'flag girl' and so he suggests that shouldn't hold her back.

Following a weekend of fundraising in Casper, the students, Morris says,  are pretty resilient and in good form, but  even so, he says they'll add a stop-over for a couple days in Iowa.

"We were going to move tonight to another housing site over in Indiana, but, now we're gonna stay a couple days over there (in Iowa) just to get the kids settled down. Kind of get some of the trauma worked down. I'm sure there are going to be bumps and bruises that they've got that they're not aware of yet. That kind of thing. So were just gonna hang out a couple days there."

From Iowa, he says, they will arrive on time to perform at a civil war museum in Conner Prairie, Indiana, June 11th. Then on to Indianapolis for a performance June 21st.