The city of Casper wants to make it easier for you to pay your vehicle violation fines and city officials are doing so by extending the hours that the municipal court is open. The hours were recently changed to 7:30 a.m. to 5pm Monday through Friday.

"It is important that people do pay their traffic tickets. We know that many people, especially if they have regular 8-5 jobs, have trouble making those times. So we've opened up a little earlier to make it more convenient."

City Spokesperson, Pete Meyers, reminds that failing to pay a fine can result in a "Failure to Appear" warrant, which in some cases, can lead to arrest. For most, that's a much bigger deal and something to take seriously.

Meyers says court appearances, under certain circumstances, can also be rescheduled by calling the Municipal court offices at 307-235-8267.