Casper's new business incubator building is the venue this week for an innovative learning experience for a group of 13 local high school students.

Called Prototype Design Camp, it's a problem based and design centered learning experience led by a group called the Third Teacher Plus.  And at the same time, the design camp is being observed by instructors from the school district involved in developing new high school curriculum.

"So prototype design lab, prototype camps are immersion experiences for teens that essentially say that we believe that design is a really powerful tool to solve problems."


Melanie Kahl, with Third Teacher Plus, says at the heart of the learning experience is a belief that teens are capable of solving greater challenges than they get in the traditional high school setting.

Kahl describes it as priming exercise for both the students, the new CAEDA building and local educators, as Natrona County School District looks to incorporate new approaches to learning at the planned, Center for Advanced and Professional Studies.