Some of those who showed up early to the parade in downtown Casper, got a free meal.

Members of the downtown Casper fire department were flipping flapjacks and cooking up sausage links for those who were hungry.

Chief Mark Young of Casper Fire EMS says the community has been very supportive of his department's efforts during the why not return some of the hospitality.

"It was born out of, 'Hey what can we do and give back to the community?' and so the guys thought, we flip a mean pancake and they said, 'well let's do this and give a free breakfast to the community,' so it was born out of just saying thank you."

Liam Peterson of Casper says it takes a lot of guts to go through what all firefighters have been going through this year.

"I think they're very brave, because you wouldn't get me out there in a fire, because I am just totally afraid of fires. I think they're doing their best and that's all they can do right now, because there's a lot of wildfires going on."

This was the 8th year of the annual pre-parade free pancake breakfast.