A grey powdery substance found leaking from an envelope at Casper College was neither dangerous nor meant to scare.

According to Casper Fire-EMS, the envelope, en route to a student in a dorm Friday morning, was damaged and a small amount of the substance came in contact with three college employees.

Hazmat crews were called out and the envelope and employees were isolated.

Craig Kidder, with Casper-Fire EMS says assessment on scene with Hazmat technology indicated no danger.

"It was addressed to one of the residents in the dorm. It was deemed non-malicious. There was anything malicious about the package."

Kidder says the Casper Police interviewed the recipient and the envelope had a return address. He says the police were told what the substance is, but, as a safety precaution,  chose to send it off to a separate lab for analysis.

The incident remains under investigation.