Casper College's construction projects steam along despite the cold.

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Casper College is making significant progress with it's five major construction projects according to the College's president, Dr. Walter Nolte.

"The Gateway building is on time, on budget. We are expecting to be able to start moving into that building July fifteenth. We are hoping to have our degree programs moved in there before the fall semester starts. Our residence hall is on time as well, or as close to on time as we can be. We are seeking permission from the state legislature to construct a new early childhood learning center. That's a fifty-five hundred square foot building that we are going to put just south of the Thorson apartments."

The college has also established two committees to oversee the remodeling projects that will effect multiple buildings on campus.

"And it has more than just, uh, more to do than just remodeling the structure itself. So we are looking at opportunities to consolidate programs and departments as part of that remodeling effort."

Construction for the new music building will begin in March of 2012 and the new student union building will break ground two months later in May.