End of the year and beginning of another brings rate increases all around.

City of Casper utility rates will go up a bit January 1st.  Utility officials outlined their proposed rate structures for city council on Monday. The increases will be up for approval at next week's regular council meeting.

If approved they would include a just over 2 percent increase in residential water rates over each of the next two years. That's about .92 cents more a month. Public Utilities Manager, Dave Hill, says the two percent tracks inflation.

He outlined some bigger increases for retail and he says they'll take a hard look at increasing fees for grease waste, something he says causes problems for water treatment facilities. Casper has seen an increase in out-of-county haulers bringing grease waste in, in part, perhaps, because the price is low.

Casper's solid waste land fill fees will not be going up and residential trash collection will have no increase in 2012, followed by a modest .11 cent  increase in 2013.