The case of a Casper woman accused of trying to lure children from an area park will be heard in district court.

Forty-five-year-old Carol Palomo is charged with two counts of interference with custody and one count of interference with a peace officer.

According to investigators, the two potential victims were with their families at Washington Park in August 2012 when Palomo starting talking to the children.

The children then later told police that Palomo was asking them to come with her to the bowling alley and offered them candy.

Prosecutors say she grabbed one youngster by the arm and tried to walk away with the child.

When palomo was arrested, the officer says she spat in his face and hair.

She was sent to the state hospital in Evanston for a mental evaluation and was put on court-ordered medication.

She has now been deemed competent to stand trial.

Palomo is being held on $10,000 bond, and could receive up to two years in prison on each custody interference charge if convicted.