O little Town of Buffalo, how still we see thee lie.

That is, of course, until next summer.

Thousands of fans of the "Longmire" television show again will sojourn to Longmire Days hosted by the town of about 5,000 that is the model for local author Craig Johnson's Durant, the fictional county seat of the fictional Absaroka County where Sheriff Walt Longmire keeps order in the modern Western book series and television show.

"Holy Hanna," Buffalo Chamber of Commerce CEO Angela Jarvis said after learning Netflix resurrected the show for a fourth season this week after a dismal few months following the A&E Network's abrupt cancellation in August.

The cancellation enraged fans, launched a massive web-driven campaign to bring back the show, and sorely disappointed Buffalo, which sponsored increasingly popular Longmire Days weekends that more than doubled the town's population in the past two years.

"We are super-excited that it's going to come back," Jarvis said.

In 2013 and this year, the actors came out for a weekend of fun, fellowship, street dancing, motorcycle riding, softball playing and other events, more than doubling the town's population, and selling out hotels across northeast Wyoming.

The logistics have been dizzying for Longmire Days organizers with the crowds, scheduling events, and especially when the filming ends and the actors can come, Jarvis said.

The celebration was held in August in 2013 and most recently in July. Next year's date may not be known for several months.

"I'm a little worried, yes," Jarvis said. "I dont' know if our community can hold much more. We're really tiny, but I think we're up for the challenge. We would handle it wonderfully."

The Longmire fan base is global. Americans and foreigners plan their vacations in the West with Buffalo and Longmire Days as one of their stops.

"Those people enjoy what we have out here," Jarvis said.

And what's good for this town north of Casper and south of Sheridan is good for the rest of Wyoming, she said.

"The people who come to vacation and see those actors also get the down-home Wyoming hospitality," Jarvis said. "We want to make sure that everyone knows that it's not just us here in Buffalo. It's this way all over the state."